“Our research has shown that students who come to the university with a Cambridge AICE background performed better than anyone else that came to the university. That really wasn’t surprising considering the emphasis they have on critical research and analysis, and that’s what we require at university.” John Barnhill, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management, Florida State University, USA Ridgefield Academy offers a wide range of subjects for the Cambridge International Education Examinations. Tuition is offered from Grade 8 to Grade 12, with the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) external examination being written at the end of Grade 10, and the AS (Advances Subsidiary) Certificate at the end of Grade 12: Grade 8: Core Level / Introduction to IGCSE Grade 9: IGCSE 1 Grade 10: IGCSE 2 + International Examination Grade 11: AS 1 Grade 12: AS 2 + International Examination We also offer A level courses (Advanced) in selected subjects. These are optional, as they are not required for exemption to South African public universities. Students who choose to complete their A levels can do so during their Matric year or enroll for a year 13, depending on the duration of the AS level for the subject. Grade 8: Core Level / Introduction to IGCSE Grade 9: IGCSE 1 Grade 10: IGCSE 2 + International Examination Grade 11: AS 1 & 2 + International Examination Grade 12: A + International Examination OR Grade 8: Core Level / Introduction to IGCSE Grade 9: IGCSE 1 Grade 10: IGCSE 2 + International Examination Grade 11: AS 1 Grade 12: AS 2 + International Examination Grade 13: A + International Examination Ridgefield Academy is currently an Applicant Cambridge School, which means the rigorous process of registering with Cambridge International Examinations is underway.  We are in contact with Mr Mark Barber (head of Cambridge Development for Cambridge Sub-Sahara), who is guiding us through this process and offering much-needed assistance. EVALUATION AND EXAMINATION Ridgefield Academy is an accredited venue for writing external (international) Cambridge examinations, and an official examination centre of British International College. Student evaluation is ongoing with regular tests and assignments. Formal test weeks are scheduled during the first and third terms, and full scale examinations at the end of the second and fourth terms. There is also a mock final examination in September (end of the third term) for the IGCSE, AS and A students who are writing their final Cambridge examination in October/November. SUBJECTS The following subjects are available at Ridgefield Academy: HANDS-ON TUITION Our classes are small (no more than 15 students). It is a known fact that students learn faster and perform better in a smaller class. At Ridgefield we value individual attention and student participation highly, which is simply not possible when classes become too big. Our school has a well equipped laboratory to enable our teachers to provide the best practical tuition in the sciences. We regularly provide practical training and guidance in Physics and Chemistry to Cambridge home schoolers from across the Free State. Due to the fact that millions of student across the globe follow the Cambridge syllabus, support material and excellent videos are widely available on the internet for all Cambridge school subjects. Learners are encouraged to supplement their tuition with these and are regularly provided with links to appropriate sites. RECOGNITION The Cambridge syllabus is recognised by universities worldwide, and often referred to as the preferred standard for university readiness. However, universities differ on the combination of Cambridge subjects and subject levels required for entrance, and their different faculties may also differ due to the unique subject requirements of each faculty. It is therefore essential that learners acquaint themselves with the re- quirements set by their university and faculty of choice. Ridgefield Academy cannot be held responsible for learners’ non-compliance in this regard. For acces to the document Conditions and requirements to gain exemption for entry to South African public universities, simply click on the booklet cover.
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